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Brookhaven Secrets Rhedd Butler

AMHR Reg. 297143A (also AMHA) - Born 2008 - Height: 29.5"

Location of stallion: Spirit Thunder Training, Worley, Idaho
Color/markings: Silver Bay
Stud book closing date: August 1
Cover: Live cover-hand breed
Service guarantee: Live Foal Guarantee
Mare care: $5/day-Dry; $10/day-Wet
Mare facilities: Outdoor pen w/ shelter, or $5/day for box stall
Mare stipulations: Clean culture-may provide their own or done by stallion owner's vet at mare owner's expense, health cert & coggins, provide shot records, must be halter broke and tie
Shipping: Bidder's responsibility
Other: Bidder responsible for all veterinary and all other care for their mare


This stunning silver bay stallion boasts an impressive pedigree in a tiny package. Lovingly known as 'Possum' to those around him, he carries himself with poise and a presence that belies his tiny stature. His foals have all had his gorgeous tiny dishy head and presence. We are excited to be offering him for your consideration for your mare and are more than willing to answer any questions you may have!
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Stallion owner contact information:
Stefanie Grubb
Sovereign Miniatures
Spokane, Washington

Spirit Thunder Training
Jessica Matheson-Vassar
Worley, Idaho