Miscellaneous Pictures
Timberview Miniature Appaloosas

Is it me? Or the food?

Here's lookin' at you!
Smiling, because I wuv my Mom!

Appy big mouth

Plenty warm with all that hair

Lacey's filly
The mares on pasture

Mustang Sally

Help me get out of here!
What ya got, little girl?

Fast as I can be!
Am I standing still enough?

Finding that first drink...with lots of help!
"Girl Talk"

Bud and Joe
Do you think the grass is greener in here?

I can jump!
How many does it take to get ready?

What a handsome fella!
Looking GOOD!

We're never short on help here at Timberview!

Lazy, hazy days of summer

Is it our turn yet?
Robby and Ghost in Country Pleasure Driving

Tiger and Jacob - Ah, the memories!

Trail drive

Tuffy with Cyan and Olivia
Tuffy enjoying all the attention