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We proudly offer these fine ponies for your consideration. Also, be sure to check out this year's foals that are available! For more information on these, or if you see a pony on one of our other pages that interests you, please contact us at

These 3 ponies are offered for sale by our niece, Laurie Bouzarelos, and are located in Centennial, Colorado. For more information, contact Laurie at 303-949-164, or email her at

P.C. Thunderbolt Boogie

ASPC #167357
Foaled: 6/4/2016
Should mature around 42"

Thunder is a bay gelding. He has solid ground manners, trailers, ready to go. Not yet started driving or riding but will be easy to train. Refined, charming gelding. Would go well riding or driving. He matches his dam, Fiona (below) and will be as good a performance pony as she is with the right training.


ASPC Registered
Foaled: 2010
Just over 46"

Fiona is a responsive, easy to handle mare. She is soft in the bridle and would be best paired with a rider with some experience. She is a snappy jumper and has packed many Pony Club kids around at Pony Club Rallies and the fox hunt. Fiona was my daughter's primary mount through her D2 Pony Club rating and started her toward her D3 level. Fiona has many miles under saddle, including a 13 mile Intro Endurance Ride in Wyoming and many seasons riding out with the Arapahoe Hunt. Fiona is trained to drive in a team. She camps, she stands tied as long as you need her to, she crosses water, she rides out alone or in a group without a fuss, fine riding near traffic.

SOLD! Congratulations to the Feldpausch Family of Greeley, Colorado!


ASPC Registered
Foaled: 2016
Should mature around 46"

A pretty silver dapple pinto gelding. He trailers, has good ground manners, handled, ready to go. Would make a nice driving pony, matches his dam if you are looking for a matched pair. Friendly, a character, solid tall pony.

SOLD! Congratulations to Verna and John Gonka and Family of Riverton, Wyoming!

(Dakota on the right)

(Dakota on the left)


1992 Blair trailer. 6 feet wide and 6ft 1 inch tall. 16 feet long. It has always been inside except for the last few months. It is all original and like new. (It has not been repainted) As you can see, the lower portion inside has some kind of rust protectant sprayed on it. Asking $4,250.

P.C Foxy Snow White

Foaled: April 16, 2018
Sire: B-Bop O.K. (HOF) 152746A
Dam: P.C. Silver Foxy Lady (HOF) 154554A

Good sized Filly, almost snow white but has a black head with star, and a patch of black on her hip.


P.C Golden Amber

Foaled: May 2, 2018
Sire: B-Bop O.K. (HOF) 152746A
Dam: P.C. Sweet Butterscotch 156021A

Palomino filly, with a beautiful head and good color.


P.C. Adorable Merrylegs

Foaled: May 23, 2018
Sire: B-Bop O.K. (HOF) 152746A
Dam: Delilah's Adorable Jewell 153146A

Lovely big black pinto filly with four socks.


P.C Sunday's Palm

Foaled: April 9, 2017
Sire: B-Bop O.K. (HOF) 152746A
Dam: P.C. Silver Foxy Lady (HOF) 154554A

A solid color silver dapple Filly! Should be a show pony.


P.C. Lunar Clipper

Foaled: August 26, 2017
Sire: B-Bop O.K. (HOF) 152746A
Dam: P.C. Golden Saffron 150645A

A pretty black pinto gelding, born during the eclipse!


P.C. Misty's Silver Angel

Foaled: May 17, 2016
Sire: B-Bop O.K. 152746A
Dam: P.C. Silver Mystique 162990

Silver Dapple Pinto Filly, very petite!


P.C. Princess Diane

Foaled: June 5, 2017
Sire: B-Bop O.K. (HOF) 152746A
Dam: P.C. Princess Ariel 154555A

A lovely bay pinto filly!


P.C. Raz Berry

Foaled: June 7, 2017
Sire: B-Bop O.K. (HOF) 152746A
Dam: P.C. Painted Paisley 164909

Sorrel gelding with chrome!

SOLD! Headed to North Dakota to be part of a matching team with P.C. Ariels Elegance!