Photo Fun


Our front gate

Introducing your host

Samson & Goliath

Samson a 5 year old steer from Tom Ward breeding. He was calved on 04-22-2003. His sire is Lone Star and his dam is WA Saubie.
Goliath who is another steer that goes back to Tom Ward breeding. He was calved on 05-29-2003. His sire is JCS Lone Star and his dam is Cole A Mo. He is dog gentle and easy going.
Goliath - getting a much-appreciated scratch

The top of our trailer after I got home with the big steers, Samson and Goliath

Playing King of the Hill

Heading out to buy cattle

Junior guarding the old farm truck and feed
A friend on his watusi steer.

I found her!!
Donna petting a newborn


He likes bread for a snack

Got an itch?

Our Granddaughter, Madi,
at the WWA meeting in Macon, spring of 2008
Getting an evening drink

Katie Sue - the day she was born

Katie Sue - I raised her on a bottle
Katie Sue grew up

Eureka and Moogambi

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