Photo Fun


Our front gate

Introducing your host

Samson & Goliath

Samson a 5 year old steer from Tom Ward breeding. He was calved on 04-22-2003. His sire is Lone Star and his dam is WA Saubie.
Goliath who is another steer that goes back to Tom Ward breeding. He was calved on 05-29-2003. His sire is JCS Lone Star and his dam is Cole A Mo. He is dog gentle and easy going.
Goliath - getting a much-appreciated scratch

Goliath-Grand Champion Steer at the 2009 Tulsa State Fair

The top of our trailer after I got home with the big steers, Samson and Goliath

My Ridge Back, Ike, making friends with new calves

I almost got them all looking at me at the same time

Playing King of the Hill

Heading out to buy cattle

Junior guarding the old farm truck and feed
A friend on his watusi steer.

I found her!!
Donna petting a newborn


He likes bread for a snack

My horse Tyrone guarding new baby Watusi

Got an itch?

Our Granddaughter, Madi,
at the WWA meeting in Macon, spring of 2008
Getting an evening drink

My wife's little Bolognese posing in her new hat

Our six grandkids:

Katie Sue - the day she was born

Katie Sue - I raised her on a bottle
Katie Sue grew up

Eureka and Moogambi

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